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Telenor ASA (OSE: TEL; Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈtêːlənuːr] or [tɛləˈnuːr]) is a Norwegian majority state-owned multinational telecommunications company headquartered at Fornebu in Bærum, close to Oslo. It is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations worldwide, but focused in Scandinavia and Asia. It has extensive broadband and TV distribution operations in fo


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Current Employee - Software Development Engineer says

"- very low possibility to move forward in career - a lot of legacy stuff and code that you need to work on - the management is very sloppy and unprofessional - people are served with a notice without a notice period - salaries below average - there is no agile methodology of work - there is no job vacancy, only through management contacts - overtime is not paid - you have to buy your own equipment like monitors, keyboards, mouses etc. Only Windows machines"

Current Employee - Senior Marketing Manager says

"Never worked on ethics and integrity and that's why got flopped."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible treatment of employees, especially while undergoing any type of internal change. Lack of operational considerations. Loathful middle management, often due to misplaced promotions."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- very bureaucratic - top heavy - everybody is director/manager no Hands-on people holds for all BU's"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lousy CEO, weak leadership and senior management not competent"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Due to the nature of the job and the various time zones of the respective BU - could result in anti-social hours under resourced no clear direction bias exists within the various departments - especially HR and the other support function no accountability is taken when a conversation or meeting is not documented"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not a ethical company to work with, Senior management is pathetic"

Former Employee - Digital says

"1. Bad performance management in digital related teams in Oslo & Bangkok. No action taken on manager who cannot deliver result, cannot empower employee & have questionable professional conduct. 2. Bad hiring decisions always being made. How can the team perform when you always hire someone without required expertise to perform a specialized task? For e.g., hiring someone without proper UX experience to be the UX lead. 3. Bad administrative and HR support in Bangkok... imagine carrying “temporary staff card” when you are already 6-9 months in the job. 4. Too many management personnel that do not know what “digital” and “technology” are... are leading this company."


"Bad management. They don't believe in competent promotions. Massive Firing"

Sales advisor (Former Employee) says

"Hvis du er interesseret i at snyde kunderne, og tage en masse penge for et lorte produkt, så arbejd her. Telenor er ikke stedet for dig, hvis ikke du trives med egoistiske mennesker, der overskrider alle grænser. Ledelsen er ligeglade, så længe de bare får deres løn. Ikke nok medarbejdere, og chefer som ikke tager ansvar. Hvis du ønsker at blive behandlet respektløst og nedværdigende, så er Telenor stedet for dig."

Kundservice (Former Employee) says

"Kändes inte som att man var uppskattad och de hade statistik på allting. Ibland ville de inte ens att man skulle hjälpa kunden utan bara försöka sälja."

Lean SSBB Advisor Business Processes (Former Employee) says

"Tough place to work. The company has been downsizing for the last 10 years. They make a lot of bad investments and the main stockholder, the Norwegian government, creates a tumultuous environment."

Back Office Executive (Former Employee) says

"lot of work to do in very small salary everyday was very much difficult to spand culture of the workplace was not very much good. Thats why i left my job.Back EndLong Hours Working"

Area Sales Head (Former Employee) says

"favoritism and politics is on peak at Telenor. worst experience upon working at telenor. I will not recommend anyone to work at telenor. worst experience of my life to work with telenor."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"• To design telephonic systems • To use fiber optic technology to maintain stream integrity • To create data transfer modules • To assist in video communications."

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Jobbade inom kundservice via telefon. Dåliga arbetsförhållanden med en lön på 10 000 kr per månad för heltidsanställda."

customers sales officer (Current Employee) says

"Having good experienced overall good company i got very much experience good for me to work in another place company is based on sales and services thats itnothinghealthcare"

posted rulor sales executive officer (Former Employee) says

"every sater day very typical. very hard work and work to reach tha day target.over all i learned to this company emproved my skills."

Technology Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I spent more than 5 years there. it is most non-recommended organization for IT professionals no work life balance and poor managements style. Their team work style is only lets together once in a year on away-day and rest of 360 days they don't care about you. The criteria of career growth if you are ready to change your gender. Mostly IT Line managers adopted abusive language culture.good office building, in door gamespoor management specially in IT, abusive culture, highly gender discrimination for males"

ZBM (Current Employee) says

"No job security and management is not responsible persons.... Even shut down time not informed to partners and venders and also not settled pending climes of chanal partners ..."

Kundtjänst (Current Employee) says

"God arbetsplats med härliga kollegor. Extremt dålig planering och administration av ledningen på Sykes (Telenors kundtjänst).God arbetsmiljöEXTREMT dålig administration och planering av VD och Chefer"

Customer Relation Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was a good experience. The environment was absolutely amazing.NaNa"

Assistant accountant (Former Employee) says

"i just waste my time and skills there bcz i work for more than office timing but salery is not enough Management Treats worker as slaves even not any benifit is given to employees"

Säljande kundtjänstmedarbetare (Current Employee) says

"Kundtjänst över telefon är inte till för alla. Vikten av kunskap och tålamod, men framför allt service är vad den arbetsplatsen hade som krav."


"Corporate HR policies dont let employees to grow on technical side. Compensation varies hugely when it comes to technology department with respect to commercial department.Good working EnvironmentSlow growth. Bad HR policies."

call operator (Former Employee) says

"In telenor call center I build my confidence gain experience how to manage customer how talk with customer and management was good they all very cooperative with each other.Nothing1 hour break"

Retail Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Days are always busy as i need • To check and maintain stock (sim cards, recharge coupons etc.) availability • To make sure the new activations are done within TAT • To solve grievances of retailers • To inform retailers about new product launch and educate them • To check the visibility in allotted storesIndependent Working StyleLong Working Hours"

Marketing Specialist Urban Youth Segment (Current Employee) says

"Overall a good company to work for. The best part is the work life balance and the open culture. The management sits besides staff and is accessible all the time."

Circle MIS (Current Employee) says

"All is good except Job Insecurity. Comapny's Futute Plan in India is not fixed. Every Now and then Job Insecurity arise due to Company's uncertainity."

kunde says

"no star for them. Perfectly disappointing. They called me and made me a phone offer, they sent me to sign papers after I accepted it and after I told them that I do not understand Danish to read that they said everything in English by phone. It's time to pay and I see that they have put in extra money for taxes, something they had not told me about the final price that we had discussed at least twice. Of course they do not accept to cancel the contract or to charge me what we agreed or to give me our phone conversation. After the expiration of the contract that I will unfortunately have for 3 years, they will not see me again. Οf course i contact with them .( I'm sorry there is nothing we can do)is the unswer. I really will not deal with this company anymore."

Jakob says

"Broken promises and continuous lies, that's what Telenor can provide you with. It took 3 months and 11 phone calls for me to get Fiber internet installed and get refunded for a temporary solution. On the 6th of October, 2020, I contacted Telenor to have Fiber internet installed in my flat. Due to either my provider at the time, or my address (it wasn't made clear which of them was the issue), I wasn't able to order it until I had cancelled the service provided by my current provider. But I was promised that I'd get a technician out within a week after I'd cancelled it. When I called back on the 4th of November, after my internet had been cancelled and disabled, the tone had changed. I had to wait for approximately 4 weeks for a technician. As I was promised not to wait more than one week, the customer service representative (CSR) offered me a temporary solution of Mobile Broadband, to hold me over until I'd get Fiber installed. The CSR also promised me that I'd get refunded anything and everything I had to spend on the Mobile Broadband on the date my Fiber got installed. On the 8th of December, the Fiber got installed. No refund was issued. On the 14th of December, I called customer service as I hadn't received a refund yet. I was then told that I had to return the Mobile Broadband unit before I could be refunded. I sent it in, and received confirmation that it had arrived on the 18th of December. On the 28th of December, I called back once more as I still hadn't received a refund. I was told by the CSR that they still hadn't checked if they'd received the Mobile Broadband unit, and until they eventually would check, I would have to wait for the refund. The CSR promised me that he'd call me back on the 6th, as he expected them to have checked it by then. On the 6th of January, the CSR I spoke to previously called me, but sadly had to inform me that they still hadn't checked if they had the unit. On the 8th of January, 2021, the day of writing this, I got an automated e-mail informing me that the Mobile Broadband unit had been checked, and I was to be refunded 1 DKK. When I called the customer service number, the first agent I spoke with informed me that they wouldn't be refunding any additional costs to me regarding the Mobile Broadband. Luckily, I had asked for a written agreement of the full refund back when I called on the 4th of November. When I told the CSR this, he asked me to forward it to Telenor, as he couldn't see anything about that in the system. He promised he'd call me back shortly, after the e-mail was received. After waiting for a while, and receiving no callback, I called Telenor once again. I got through to an agent that, luckily for me, was able to find everything in their system. The agent initiated the refund and cancelled the Mobile Broadband contract; something that should've been done on the 14th of December, but wasn't. While I've been told the refund has been initiated, I haven't received the money yet. It'll take up to 5 work days to be in my account. When the money is refunded, I'll amend the review appropriately. I have to say though, I highly doubt I'll see the money. So far, all I've experienced from Telenor, is deceit, lies, broken promises, and a dreading sensation that they're trying to screw me over. I don't even want to think about what I would've had to go through, had I not gotten the promise of a full refund on paper. I'm going to look for a new provider that actually appreciates their customers. Worst service provider on the market."

GH says

"Do not choose this company if you would like to purchase phones/subscriptions for your business. They are unwilling to send invoices unless you wait 2-3 weeks for delivery - very strange for a company that operates in B2B. Also when you call for assistance or even to make a purchase you are instructed that it isn’t possible with every excuse in the book. The worst part is each person gives a different story than the last. Telenor, train your people better or at least teach them how to lie. We will be looking for other providers."

Romeo says

"I guess you should also consider to get another phone provider, still your choice though. Telenor was great few years ago but losts everything with me. I contacted them the 2 December 2020 the first time, to fix the double phone payment I have because of a broken swift (i returned the iPhone 11 to get the 12, a service they provide you) and still today I get receipts asking for money because of the double phone. Its 15 january and their employees say every time that they are fixing that in that exact moment. But I was told that probably I will have to pay also the next month, February, just because they are so sl... fast 😂 I returned the iPhone 11 at 13 November 2020. 2 months ago"

Sriram Thoppe Rajendran says

"I have always had a great experience with Telenor, both in the stores and also over the telephone. Telenor also provides really competitive pricing in the market. I have bought a mobile phone with a subscription with Telenor before and it was a completely hassle-free experience. With all my positive experience, I decided to order a broadband line for my new apartment. Got a good deal with Telenor as usual and we agreed for a technician to visit my new address. Things took a bitter turn from there. The technician made a phone call, 15 min before arrival and I could not make it in time. As per the requirements, I was supposed to be informed at least 30 min before. Now, I am being billed for missing a technician visit. Why could I miss an appointment which I agreed to? I have tried to explain this situation several times to the customer services over the phone but was in vain The reason I am actually upset is that Telenor trusts the technician more than me. That's unfortunate that it's the technician's words against me and I can do nothing about it. Truly helpless. A painful reminder to move to a new apartment." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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